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The latest version of the EDGELIB SDK is available for download from our website. For an overview of additions, bugfixes and changes, please refer to the release history.


The EDGELIB SDK contains static library files for all supported platforms, tools and documentation to easily create applications and games in an cross-platform environment. The SDK is linked to your C++ application and provides an abstraction layer and framework for easy access of graphics, input, file i/o, networking and more.

You can find several tutorials in the Support section, about getting started with the supported platforms, how to use the key features and even a step-by-step guide to create a complete EDGELIB-powered game.


We made a number of useful EDGELIB tools available, for help during development. You can download the most useful tools below, although they are also included in the SDK.

  • EDGELIB Builder 1.00 (beta 16)
    EDGELIB Builder manages multi-platform projects. This beta version is able to build for Google Android, Antix Game Player, several Symbian and Windows Mobile versions, Windows desktop and GP2X.
    Download (577 KiB)
  • EDGELIB Packer 2.20
    EDGELIB Packer is a user friendly tool for Windows desktop to create platform independent file archives for use in EDGELIB-powered applications. These file archives contain multiple files with optional compression to decrease the size of game resources. EDGELIB Packer 2.10 is backwards compatible with older versions.
    Download (166 KiB)

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