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Published: September 21st, 2006

Burning Armor screenshot and Elements Interactive anounce Max Studio, an ambitious mobile game studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, as the grand prize winner of the The Cutting Edge Coding Competition 2006.

The coding competition, which started early December 2005 and closed August 31st, 2006, attracted a lot of registrants. Dozens of professional mobile game studios, students, hobbyist programmers and code hackers from literally every continent of the world participated in the competition.

The competition required every submission to be a game of any genre created using the Edge SDK, built for at least two different platforms.

The winning submission, Burning Armor Code E, is a fast-paced shoot-em-up space shooter and features eight levels of increasing difficulty filled with enemies, mini bosses and end bosses. Scrolling backgrounds, particles and other visual effects give the player a real arcade gaming experience. The game is available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows desktop.

Burning Armor screenshot

Burning Armor Code E uses lots of Edge's fancy blitting effects and other powerful features, such as the native PNG loader, fast pixel-based collision detection, rotated blitting, Edge's built-in timers and compressed packages.

Eric Gunawan, development leader at Max Studio on working with Edge: "After we were familiar with the engine, it took us about three months to develop the game itself and about a month for testing and quality assurance."

The development team consisted of three programmers and two designers. "The programmers learned the Edge engine and developed the game," says Gunawan, "while the designers designed the game concept, stories and of course the aircrafts using 3d models. We also had some testers from our forum to try out the game."

Max Studio wins a two year Edge license, an iPod Video and $5,000 worth of free advertising at to promote the winning game. and Elements Interactive thank every contestant for participating and congratulate the team at Max Studio with their winning submission.

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, the TiltCONTROL category was cancelled. No winner was selected.

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