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Published: September 12th, 2006

Screenshot of Syberia

Award-winning French mobile game developer Tetraedge Games has released Syberia for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The original PC version, designed by Benoît Sokal and developed by Microïds, was awarded Best Adventure Game of 2002 by IGN.com.

The game, a third person graphic adventure, was ported by Tetraedge to the Pocket PC and features the same high quality graphics, storyline and music.

Tetraedge chose multi-platform mobile game engine Edge for the development of Syberia. It uses Edge's framework and several key features, such as 2D, 3D and RGBA surfaces, the native PNG loader and the cross-platform Edge packages.

"We developed Syberia by using the Edge SDK which presents many interesting features like the packages and surfaces management," says Tetraedge developer Xavier Bigand. He adds: "The Edge team showed itself very reactive in this collaboration. We project to use Edge more frequently for our future projects primarily for its portability and reliability."

Screenshot of Syberia

Elements Interactive CEO Danny Hoffman says: "We are very proud having Tetraedge on board and we're looking forward to see other great Edge-powered quality games like Syberia."

In Syberia, the player controls the actions of American lawyer Kate Walker, who is sent to a remote European village in order to finalize the take-over of a toy factory there. Her mission takes her across thousands of miles, and leads her to question her own lifestyle. The title, Syberia, refers to a mythical island, which is referenced in the game and will be Kate's ultimate destination.

The game, which needs 280 MB of storage space, is for sale at Clickgamer.com for $24.95.

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